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a cultural mediation for classes from 5P to 8P (8-12 years old)



The approach

Since 2018, Collectif 1m83 has been inviting contemporary photographers to exhibit their work in public spaces in an effort to show passers-by the interaction between nature, art and architecture. Each “urban canvas” is inspired by the history of the place and its environment, fusing together, during the period of renovation, a building with a piece of art.


From 2019 to 2020, Collectif 1m83 Art, in collaboration with the University and the City of Geneva, presented a giant urban canvas on the Jura wing of Uni Bastions: Métamorphose.


Who are the landscapes? 

Within the framework of this open-air exhibition, 1m83 invites children to rediscover the Parc des Bastions through art. Available online, the cultural activity Who are the landscapes? echoes the photographic work "Vous êtes ici" by the artist Mathieu Bernard-Reymond. Its subject: a solitary woman facing the beauty of a mysterious landscape. 


This mediation has been conceived for classes from 5P to 8P (8-12 years old) as an interactive and playful journey in this essential place in Geneva. It is also a virtual visit at the end of which each child is invited to draw his or her own landscape and to discover the secret of the work's making. 


In order to facilitate the implementation of the online activity with students, Collectif 1m83 Art provides teachers with a practical guide as well as materials to download below.

Before starting the online activity, download the practical guide:

Link for students to access the 
online activity Who are the landscapes?

or copy and paste the URL link below:

Marche à suivre

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