from August 15th till March 28th 2019

A 365m2 artwork exhibited in the heart of Geneva

The Art Collective 1m83 contributes to the constant transformation of cities. It brings culture and creativity into city dwellers’ life by creating innovative spaces for open-air exhibition. 

Each exhibition is inspired by the architecture and the environment, and brings together a building and an artwork for

the duration of a renovation or construction project.

The Collective 1m83 Art aims to give artists the opportunity to express themselves in large format on protective canvases while promoting construction trades and architectural heritage.


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The artwork



The Swiss photographer Guillaume Perret presents two monumental portraits titled “Trait d'union” (hyphen) at Boulevard Helvétique 14. The work stretches over 365m2 of protective canvas and symbolises the link between different generations.

A duo of smiles consisting of two anonymous faces. One looks at the past, the other at the future - the young girl smiles at Saint-Pierre Cathedral, her elder oversees Lake Geneva and the more modern city center.


There is however a common point between these two beings: the sun, source of life that feeds the youth passion and illuminates the wisdom of the older generation.


The artist






Snapshot autodidact, the Neuchâtelois Guillaume Perret looks at his peers with

an aesthetic and sharp eye. His work focuses on the human being through reporting and portrait, his favourite areas given his fascination for their elusive nature. In 2018 he won the Swiss Press Photo for his positive journalism featuring everyday heroes. The artist gives us here a concentrate of facial expression and inner energy. An invitation to seize the present moment and the transmission between generations.

Geneva's Tour de Rive,

a reflection of post-war


La Tour de Rive, a reflection of post-war modernity, was created by the architect Marc-Joseph Saugey and is considered one of the most brilliant work of his time.

A secular look at this faded-looking old lady would suggest she was born in the 1960s alongside Citroën DS and Polaroid.


At almost 80 years old, this lookout nestled in the heart of the protected perimeter of Geneva's Old Town still knows how to play tricks.


Product of the architecture studio grouping Louis Vincent, René Schwertz, Marc-Joseph Saugey and Henri Lesemann (VSSL), the Tour de Rive hopes to recover its 1938 appearance, the one entered in the cantonal inventory.


In the news

1m83 press.011.jpeg

16 Août 2018

Bâche de chantier pour promouvoir l'art en grand

1m83 press.014.jpeg

3 Septembre 2018

Quand l'art s'invite sur les chantiers genevois

1m83 press.018.jpeg

16 Août 2018

Une oeuvre de 365m2 exposée en plein coeur de Genève

1m83 press.012.jpeg

Septembre 2018

Un collectif genevois se mobilise pour que des photos d’artistes recouvrent les échafaudages de chantier. Et rendent la ville plus belle.

1m83 press.016.jpeg

6 Septembre 2018

Transformer un chantier en œuvre d’art

1m83 press.019.jpeg

3 Septembre 2019

Genève: No’photo devient une biennale

1m83 press.013.jpeg

27 Août 2018


1m83 press.017.jpeg

22 Août 2018

Le photographe neuchâtelois Guillaume Perret expose des portraits géants à Genève

1m83 press.020.jpeg

16 Août 2018

La photographie s’affiche à Genève

Exhibition realized thanks to the support of


Meeting with

Guillaume Perret



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